May 19, 2022

I’m Whitney

a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist turned fertility coach helping you level up your flow so you can get pregnant on your own terms.


The results are in! And you’re….

Exhausted Evie

It’s time to get off the fertility hampster wheel and get back in control with the perfect support plan to overhaul your mind+body for baby

I bet if we looked up “infertility burnout” in the encyclopedia, we’d find a nice pic of you flipping the bird at the camera.

You’re tired, really f*cking tired of everything…

  • the dismissive attitudes

  • the well-meaning (but asinine) advice coming from all directions

  • the elephant-sized pills you take every day

  • the lab appointments and the scans

Oh, the freaking scans. Honestly, if you have to see another condom-clad internal ultrasound wand again you’ll scream. 

You’ve been on this ttc hampster wheel for what feels like forever and those worries and “what ifs” seem to be getting louder and louder.

It’s time to skip the fertility facebook groups with pages of “well this worked for me” comments and get the most up-to-date, research-backed recommendations straight from the food and fertility expert (nerd).

And I’m not even offended if you’re reading this with a whole heap of skepticism. 

You’ve already given up so much in the fertility process it can feel overwhelming to change your eating habits or invest in another program or procedure.

But imagine how it would feel to get your body and hormones to work with you instead of warring against you each month?

You need a no-BS fertility plan, perfect for getting back in your body groove.

Your Fertile AF Plan 

  • Include protein, fat, and fiber (The Big 3 as I like to call them) at each meal. Should I go gluten-free? What about dairy? Is caffeine killing my fertility? With all the fertility nutrition advice out there, it’s effing overwhelming figuring it all out.

    Instead of panicking, focus on incorporating these into your meals.

    • Protein: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, beans/lentils, soy

    • Fat: Oils, avocado, butter, ghee, nuts, seeds

    • Fiber: Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, whole grains

  • Get yourself a solid prenatal vitamin with methylated B Vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are not created equal and anyone who tells you they are is dead. ass. wrong.

    Supplement regulation in the US is glaringly crappy so it’s important to not only pick a product with the right vitamins and minerals but also one that’s been 3rd party tested for quality.

    You can check out the nutrients I look for in a prenatal in this IG post.

  • Be sure to check these labs if you haven’t already! Ovulation, egg quality, and conception start wayyyy before you actually do the baby dance. Building your fertility starts with optimal hormone production and flow so be sure to check

    • Vitamin D

    • Full thyroid panel

      • thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)

      • Free T3

      • Free T4

      • Reverse T3

      • Thyroglobulin antibody

      • Thyroid peroxidase antibody

    • Prolactin

Hey I’m Whitney,

AKA The Fertility Nut

I’m a food + fertility nerd living out my wet dream of helping lady bosses get their hormones to cooperate, get pregnant, and run the show as mom.

As a trained dietitian, I’ve always known the importance of healthy eating. But when it came time to have kids, I was blown away by the lack of knowledge and support surrounding fertility + pregnancy. 

I struggled physically and emotionally with my first pregnancy and learned everything I could to heal and prepare my body afterward. And I credit the work I did healing my hormone imbalances and nourishing my body for my beautiful second pregnancy and postpartum.

When I saw other women struggling with the same issues (and getting zero help from their docs), I bailed on my cushy job in weight management to turn the reproductive world upside down by giving you the education and support you deserve while building your family.

I’m SO happy you’ve landed here and to show my appreciation here are 5 fun facts about me you didn’t ask for:

♉️ Enneagram 6 Taurus and oldest daughter.

Midwest born and raised.

️ Buckeye till I die.

Sweet, salty, sour…I’ll pretty eat almost anything but peas and milk are and you can’t pay me to ingest them.

I’ll watch Real Housewives of anywhere but my true loyalty lies with New Jersey even though I’ve never been there.

Here’s your quick-fire fertility ditch or do guide (because sometimes less is more) 

  • Do – Check out my blog on Seed Cycling !

  • Ditch – Googling the latest thing that helped your friend’s, mom’s, hairdresser’s sister get pregnant. Time to tune into you, your body, and support yourself naturally. 

  • Ditch – Listening to your inner critic when it pipes up ‘your body is broken’

  • Do – Repeat after me – “I love my body and am ready to nourish and support it with everything it needs”

What’s Next

Ok, ok you hear me loud and clear – less is more. But how do I even get started with supporting myself as I embark on this “crunchy granola” approach?

It’s time to stalk me on the Gram @thefertilitynut – I share loads of easy tips, support, and resources so you focus on building your fertility from the ground up!

Oh and don’t be surprised if you catch me in your inbox in the next few days with more tips to transform your fertility❤️


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