This 5-step Fertile Plate Formula shows you how to make any meal fertility-friendly without stressing out about ingredients or over-the-top restrictions. Who has the time?! Let’s make this easy and effective, shall we?

What you eat has a huge impact on your fertility… but it doesn’t have to hurt to work


This is my proven system for turning any meal into a fertility-focused feast. No calorie counting or cutting out entire food groups required.

5-Step Fertile Plate Formula

You’ve got enough on your plate to spend hours researching fertility-friendly meals, so I did it all for you!

28 Days of Meal Inspiration

Save major time and get your cooking skills flowing along with your fertility! Seriously, eating to improve your fertility has never been easier. 

90+ Recipes and Grocery Lists

Here’s What You’re Getting

This Mini Course is For You If You Have…

  • Googled “foods to eat for fertility” and then wanted to pull your hair out over the conflicting results
  • Gone keto, considered going keto, or decided that if you want to have a baby you can never have another carb
  • Felt sad over the prospect of never having another sip of wine or bite of brownie
  • Wished there was a more simple, direct way to feed your body well without taking extreme measures

yes, please!

If you’re ready to get off Google and get your body baby-ready… this is the mini course for you!

Get the Fertile Plate Method Mini Course and Start Enjoying Your Food Again


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