Jennifer’s Story

May 19, 2022

I’m Whitney

a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist turned fertility coach helping you level up your flow so you can get pregnant on your own terms.


Jennifer’s Story

“We were facing “unexplained infertility” for over 2 years. Doctors didn’t seem to have any ideas other than IVF. It felt like there was nothing I could do to try to help.

Our quarterback nurse at our fertility specialist suggested we look into a nutritionist to see if it might help. I started doing some research, and was very impressed by the whole-life approach Whitney took. It wasn’t just ‘eat this diet’ or ‘drink this tea,.’ Whitney offered a clear, easy to understand program that seemed to address multiple areas of our lives. It seemed like it was achievable, and in the end – worked! Yes! Most of all, I notice my huge increase in energy. I used to rely on way too much coffee to get through the day. I was able to cut down to only a cup a day. Overall, my body just seemed to be working better. I felt more in tune with how I was feeling, and more empowered about what made me feel the best.

This program is a game changer. It was the first time in over two years of feeling completely out of control, that I felt like there was something I could do to help us conceive. Whitney’s program helped open my eyes to a lot of areas in our lives that we just weren’t taking care of ourselves. We thought we were. We were trying, but what we were doing was wrong.

Far beyond just food, I didn’t realize what we were exposing ourselves to, and how easy it was to be safer, and healthier. There is so much information, ideas, suggestions, and ‘cures’ all over the internet. It was overwhelming and we still struggled despite what we tried. Whitney helped me find real answers, and take action. The end result is a beautiful little baby we are expecting in a matter of weeks!”

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