Rainbow Roadmap

May 19, 2022

I’m Whitney

a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist turned fertility coach helping you level up your flow so you can get pregnant on your own terms.


Your step-by-step guide to

reclaim your fertility

after miscarriage or loss


The only 12-week program designed to take you from frustrated & confused to prepared & supported as you learn the 5 pillars of fertility and get your body baby-ready


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Before we get into all the sweet deets, I want to be clear about who this program is for.

This course is designed for a fighter who has suffered a loss and wants to take a supported next step in your fertility journey

If you:

Have taken time to work through grief and feel ready to try again

Are completely frustrated by the support (or lack thereof) given by you provider and want to take control of your fertility

Want to work on your health naturally before moving forward with drugs or procedures

Are looking for a better option than just cutting all the gluten/sugar/nightshades/alcohol/dairy etc.

Can’t stand to spend another night scouring the internet trying to piece together a plan

Even if you’ve:

Had an ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, or chemical pregnancy

Had a failed IVF transfer

Had totally “normal” lab work and doctors can’t seem to find anything wrong


1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss

Yes it’s common, but not normal

This course is the right fit if you want some damn guidance instead of dismissive attitudes and you’re prepared to take charge of your health to bring your healthy rainbow baby home



By the end of this program you’ll:

Get the evidenced-based tips and information to get your body ready for your rainbow baby

Take action steps to improve your egg health and promote strong ovulation

Nail down a solid supplement routine so you can stop wasting money choking down good marketing

Confidently go out on a date night without worrying about whether that glass of wine is ruining your chance of becoming a mother

Be able to plan & cook nourishing meals with ease (even if you aren’t Ina Garten in the kitchen)

Naturally balance your hormones so that you can stop day dreaming about that leftover chocolate brownie from the carry in

Have the tools to confidently advocate for yourself at the doctor’s office

Feel supported, surrounded in a community of like-minded women who are also in the same boat

Know that you are creating the healthiest environment possible for your baby and family


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“My husband and I started trying to have children in October of 2018 after nearly a year of cleaning up our lives in all kinds of ways. We upped our gym routine, cleaned up our diets, and took time to focus on our mental health. Later that year, I sought the assistance of a naturopathic doctor after irregular cycles, and no luck. Another 6 months with no success passed so I went to my doctor. She diagnosed me with PCOS, and told the only way I would get pregnant is with medicated cycles. This made no sense to me, I do not present PCOS and was doing EVERYTHING to ensure I was the healthiest I could be. In December 2019/January 2020, our long awaited dream came true and we found ourselves to be pregnant after two easy cycles on Letrozole. Our dreams were shattered at our first appointment where we found out we would lose the baby we had long hoped for. ..”



Enroll in Rainbow Roadmap today!

Rainbow roadmap step by step program to get your body baby ready

1 payment of $1997

Pay in full and get a bonus 60-minute session 1:1 coaching session with Whitney!

Rainbow Roadmap step-by-step recovery after miscarraige

3 payments of $750

Here’s what my clients are saying



“Before I worked with you, I only had a period every 3-6 months, and I wasn’t ovulating. I had very low energy and horrible mood swings. I was always tired, grouchy, and miserable….”



“We were facing “unexplained infertility” for over 2 years. Doctors didn’t seem to have any ideas other than IVF. It felt like there was nothing I could do to try to help….”



“I have struggled with PCOS and insulin resistance for over 20 years. My husband and I went through fertility treatments to have both of our children. I wish I would have been able to work with Whitney then! I had most recently struggled with weight gain, racing thoughts, insomnia, headaches and high blood sugar….”


What's inside Rainbow Roadmap - Your step-by-step guide to reclaim you fertility after miscarriage



Rainbow Roadmap?



Module 1:

Get to know your cycle


We are going to take a deep dive into your monthly cycle and how you can use it find you optimal fertile window and uncover any lurking issues that may be affecting your fertility.


  • Nail down your fertile window, no more guessing!

  • Figure out what’s a “normal” period

  • Discover one of the most important sperm supports that no one is talking about


Module 2:

Lab work


Get the low down on testing. We go beyond your basic labs so that you can be your own advocate in your fertility journey


  • Discover a couple of “normal” labs that can really impact your fertility

  • Learn that difference between conventional versus functional testing

  • Determine which labs are actually worth your time and money


Module 3:

Pillar #1 Mindset + self-care

“Where your mind goes your blood flows” – Wim Hof

Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions impact your fertility and nothing shakes your confidence like loss. Here’s where we go over the framework to support a healthy mindset going into another pregnancy.


  • Learn how your mental health can affect your hormonal health and ovulation

  • How to start implementing active stress management techniques

  • Links to fertility specific meditations and workouts



Implementation week!



Module 4:

Pillar #2 Nourish your body


Finally, my favorite topic: FOOD! The average human eats 2,000 pounds of food a year. It’s how we connect, it’s how we heal, it’s how we show love, and it doesn’t have to be stressful.


  • Get my simple hormone healing formula to make meal planning a breeze

  • Not sure what to do with alcohol? Let’s talk about it

  • Stop guessing and figure out if food elimination is best for you


Module 5: Fertility Boosters


A loss can leave your body deficient in critical nutrients and this module is chock full of healing and nourishing foods to help reduce inflammation, restore lost nutrients and promote hormonal health


  • Dig in to the specific supportive foods for inflammation, gut, thyroid, and cycle support


Module 6:

Pillar #3 Environment


This module is loaded with the powerful tweaks to take your home from toxic to tox-less and turn a hormone blunder to hormone balancing


  • All the deets on chemicals that mess with your hormones

  • Full lists of products + links I use myself and recommend to clients

  • A 6-week calendar with simple step-by-step guidelines to low-tox your lifestyle without losing your my mind



Implementation Week!



Module 7:

Pillar #4 Supportive supplements


Confused about which supplements to best support you? Quiet down the recommendations from social media and friends and fret no more. This module will give you the research-backed supplements to support your fertility.


  • How to pick the perfect prenatal

  • Learn how to evaluate your diet for missing pieces

  • Figure out how to use your lab work to narrow down supplement options


Module 8:

Pillar #5 Physical activity


Let’s get physical, physical!

Moving your body doesn’t have to be drag ass every day. Let’s try making physical activity healing and loving rather than a daily punishment.


  • Learn the best workouts to support cycle health

  • Get the tips to finally make physical activity part of your routine


Module 9: Guts & Guys


In this combined module, we discuss all things guts and guys!


  • Your bowels are like a daily report card, figure out how to read it

  • Tips to best support your GI system

  • Sperm health do’s and don’ts

  • Foods and supplements to support specific sperm issues

Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for?


1 time payment of


Pay in full and get a bonus 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Whitney!

The+fertility+nut+rainbow+roadmap miscarriage ectopic loss

3 payments of $750

Real quick, this program isn’t the right fit if:


  • You’re currently still grieving from a loss. It’s important to be in a good place mentally to make sustainable healthy change. Trying to change while you’re still in the throes of loss will only create more overwhelm.

  • If you aren’t in a stable financial situation. Again, I want this experience to be positive and putting a financial strain on yourself is going to limit your ability to fully align with the program.

  • You aren’t open to trying new things. This program is jam packed with research backed information and tips specifically designed to support fertility after loss but it only works if you’re open to it.

  • You aren’t ready to try for another baby yet. It’s okay if you need more time. Like I said before, mindset is key when you’re trying to make changes and if you aren’t there yet, it’s cool.


Shawn’s Story




“My story begins with me having a miscarriage at 18 weeks in December 2018. I went through depression and unhealthy eating habits. I was referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. I was told the fibroids that I had need to come out. I had them surgically removed in May 2019. I was told I had low AMH and high FSH. I was then put on clomid and letrozole to help with my ovulation. Needless to say hormones made me a bit crazy and unbalanced. After one unsuccessful IUI and many timed intercourse sessions, I decided to take a break. I was told my next step of action should be IVF. IVF is expensive and I figured if my body can get pregnant on its on without any added hormones then why not try.

My heath during this time was not great. I was exhausted, not getting enough sleep or exercise. Eating habits were whatever I could find. I wasn’t proud of myself during this period at all.

I took the dutch complete test which was recommended. We discovered a lot of my issues. We found out that I was estrogen dominate, which explain a lot of the health issues I’ve had.

Whitney, is the best. She helped me get through many difficult obstacles with advice and healthy habits. The supplements that she recommended have been a life changer. I can’t wait to send a picture of our family soon.”


When you enroll during this limited time period you’ll get:


Whitney Gingerich Photos April 2018-21.JPG

Rainbow Roadmap

(A $2920 value)

9 implementation modules giving you my exact fertility formula so that you can figure out a plan that actually WORKS

A proven step-by-step guide to heal your body and balance your hormones to optimize chances of natural conception or improve outcomes if you decide to move forward with fertility medications or procedures.

My simplified hormone balancing tools to take the stress out of eating and make meal planning a breeze

A top to bottom list of the chemicals and products that could be getting in the way of your hormonal health. AND a 6-week clean home calendar to get you started.


I’ll be delivering one education module per week so that you’ll have plenty of time to go through the material and take action. I designed the program this way to avoid and also give you enough time to see changes in your body. It takes ~ 90 days for eggs to fully mature in the ovary so the 3 months you spend in this course will be the perfect support system.


And don’t forget the bonuses!


Bonus #1

A private chat just for Rainbow Roadmap students so that you can feel safe and supported with like-minded women who are navigating the same rocky path you are.


Bonus #2

60-minute group zoom calls every other week! Get your Q’s answered and some hot seat coaching to help you work through any stumbling blocks.


Bonus #3

12 weeks of delicious, nourishing meal plans to replenish your body and provide inspiration in the kitchen.


Bonus #4

Access to my online dispensary and 15% discount on provider-grade supplements.


Fertility nut larger.png

But what if I’m not happy with the program?

I know that this course is the most comprehensive roadmap available to get your body and mind back on track after a loss. But I also know it’s not going to be the right fit for every woman.

Like I’ve said, I want you to get the most out of this course and to back it up I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee.

By the end of the first 14 days, you’ll already have the full low down on labs and a comprehensive understanding of your monthly cycle and how to use it to nail down your fertile window.

If at that time you’re feeling “eh” about me or this program, you can request a full refund and we can part ways.


Ready to get started?

Pick which route sounds right to you and let’s do this


1 time payment of


Pay in full and get a bonus 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Whitney!


3 payments of $750


Can you guarantee I’ll get pregnant?

Unfortunately, no. As much as I want to be the Oprah of the fertility world, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get pregnant.

Research shows that nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve your chances of conception by 40% and what I can guarantee is that the information provided will give you the best shot at prepping your body for a term natural pregnancy and/or enhance success rates with fertility medications and assisted reproductive technology routes.

Can nutrition and lifestyle interventions really work to improve fertility?

The average human consumes 2,000 pounds of food per year. Research has not only demonstrated that there are known hormone-disrupting foods, chemicals, and stressors that affect fertility but also that conception rates improve when we eliminate these harmful products and support the body with nourishment.

Will I have access to you if I have questions?

You’ll have access to a private group just for Rainbow Roadmap students where you’ll be in a community of women to support you as work through the modules.

I’ll be in the group answering questions as well hosting biweekly live Q&A /coaching zoom calls.

For technical questions you can always email info@whitwellness.com for more support.

My work hours are unpredictable, are there set meeting times?

The educational modules will be released weekly and you can watch them whenever your schedule allows. The biweekly Q&A/coaching calls will be at a predetermined time. No worries if you can’t make it though, each session will be recorded and uploaded into the group portal

What are the dates for the program?

The first module drops April 19th and we wrap it up July 9th.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can choose to invest up front or break it down into 3 monthly payments.

Do you take HSA?

I can process HSA cards but it’s up to you to check and see if online programs are an allowable expense. Some policies say yes and some say hell no.

I’m vegetarian, will this work for me?

While I support the ethical reasoning behind a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, when we look at the key nutrients involved in female hormone production and fetal development (vitamin D, zinc, choline, B vitamins, and amino acids), many of the best sources come from animal products.

For this reason, I do not advocate for a completely vegetarian or vegan diet for fertility support and have not designed the program as such. If you are planning to remain vegetarian or vegan I recommend looking into 1:1 coaching for more individualized recommendations.

What are your credentials?

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in dietetics (I know, super food nerd) and I’m a board certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Intrinsic coach.

As a mother of two with over a decade of experience in the field of health and wellness, I have the education and experience to create and run this program and finally take the pressure off of you and your partner. Like a fertility guru here to guide and support you so that you can do the baby dance without wondering if you should have skipped that second glass of wine.



sunny sad woman (2).jpg

Still not sure if you should enroll in Rainbow Roadmap?

I know it can be scary investing in something that isn’t a sure thing.

But I also know you’re beyond frustrated taking all the recommended supplements, exercising like a hamster on a wheel, and eating the “right” foods.

You haven’t touched caffeine in 6 months and you’ve even stayed away from binge drinking during a pandemic.

It’s fucking heartbreaking because you’ve checked all the right boxes and it seems like your body just hasn’t gotten the message.

Now your doctor is talking about fertility drugs and trigger shots.

Or maybe you’ve already tried fertility drugs and now the doctor is talking about IVF options and that scares the shit out of you.

I created this program because you deserve to have options.

You deserve to feel good in your body.

You deserve to feel in control of your fertility.

And you deserve to have the family of your dreams.


Your body can get pregnant and stay pregnant

I often get asked, “Why me? why do I struggle with this when so many other women get pregnant so damn easy?”

Honestly, you’d have to talk to the big (wo)man upstairs or whoever you believe is running this circus for the real answer.

But I’ll give you my 2 cents…

You can look at it two ways:
Option 1: Your body is broken
Option 2: You’re just more sensitive

Obviously I go with option 2 . And no I don’t mean emotionally sensitive (although that seems to come with the fertility territory too ) I mean sensitive to your environment.

The foods you eat, the chemicals you’re exposed to, your stress levels, your relationships, etc. Some of us are just more in tuned to internal and external shifts than others.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who were told that they were broken. That their only option was expensive drugs and invasive procedures. Or worse, they were told it was just never going to happen.

And these same women come out on the other side stronger, more resilient and triumphant. Able to build the family and lives they’ve been waiting for.

I’m here to tell you that you have more control over your fertility than you know. And I’m so fucking excited to help you get there.


Join today!


1 payment of $1997

Pay in full and get a bonus 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Whitney!


3 payments of $750


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