We just need to get you and your body on the same team

You’re asking your body to do the biggest work of its life! Instead of jumping from one diet to another, throwing back random fertility teas and supplements, and taking any prescription that’s out there… we’re going to create a personalized plan to get your hormones and fertility flowing.


We’re going to take a deep dive into lab work, hormones, your cycles, and what it all means in your pursuit of pregnancy. I’m a picky b*tch when it comes to testing and “normal” doesn’t always mean optimal when it comes to fertility.

What the hell is going on with your body

How to set up YOUR diet & lifestyle plan

All the well meaning advice from friends, family, and Facebook groups is nice and all… but you need an expert plan created for YOU. I’ll teach you how to drown out the noise and focus on the steps that will actually move the needle.

How to get in the flow without stressing more

If your stress levels are through the roof and your sleep is a disaster, it won’t matter how much kale you eat or how many tabs of coq10 you take. You can’t outrun chronic stress, so we’re going to figure out how to make changes in a chill, stress-free way.

Here’s what you’ll learn with me:


You’ve been trying to get pregnant for what feels like forever, and you’re ready to pivot. You need a plan that regulates your cycles, optimizes your ovulation, and kicks your eggs into shape with personalized support from THE food + fertility nerd herself (oh hey, that’s me!). This plan is for you. 

4-month Fertility Fix

Let’s look at your options:

i'm ready

Fertile as F*ck

This proven 8-week program will take you from overwhelmed and anxious to confident and kickass as we learn the 5 foundational pillars to fast track your fertility and connect with other women who just get it. 

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Essential Course

Stop fretting about food and get the proven 5-step method to level up your nutrient intake while lowering stress. You don’t need to cancel entire food groups or take on extreme restrictions in order to see results. This plan is totally customized to you – and all about finding a balance.

The Fertile Plate Method


Working with me is like a breath of fresh air and a jolt of caffeine. Oh, and I’m like really good at helping women get their bodies prepared for the best possible outcomes.

You’re ready to try something different

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