What I Do

I help you simplify the fertility process, understand what’s really happening on a hormonal level, and move past the whole staring at OPK strips and trying to survive the monthly TWW anxiety spiral. 

I’m the Samwise to your Frodo
The Hermione to your Harry
The Jorah to your Daenerys

Basically, I help you sort through all the fertility BS out there (and trust me, there’s a lot) and create a direct, clear plan to get your body and mind in baby-mode.



As a trained dietitian, I've always known the importance of healthy eating. And when it came time to have kids, I was blown away by the lack of knowledge and support surrounding fertility + pregnancy. 

I struggled physically and emotionally after my first pregnancy, so I hit the books, learning everything I could to heal and prepare my body afterward. I credit the work I did healing my own hormone imbalances and nourishing my body for the beautiful second pregnancy and postpartum experience I had.

When I saw other women struggling with the same issues (and getting zero help from their docs), I bailed on my cushy job in weight management to turn the reproductive world upside down – giving you the education and support you deserve while building your family.

This is exactly where you need to be!

I get it.

You’ve checked all the boxes and now you’re finally ready to add “Mom” to your resume. But it’s not as easy as just tossing your birth control and getting busy.

You’re probably sitting there wondering how the hell you ended up here – stalking my website for answers to your unexplained fertility struggles. 

You’ve done all the “right” things so far…
✔️ College
✔️ Career
✔️ A roof you kind of love over your head
✔️ Enough income to afford avocado toast
✔️ Loving healthy relationships

You are one smart cookie. You just need some support… Someone who can see the big picture and map out a personalized plan for you to follow. You want to hit fast-forward and skip the stress spiral.

“I realized I don't even know who to call when you get pregnant on your own!” 

had a natural pregnancy (and birth!) after attempting fertility meds:


“I was not crazy in thinking my body was capable of so much more given the right food and information.”

got pregnant after running into dead ends with her doctors: 


“My AMH was undetectable and I was prepared for donor eggs before working with you. After 3 months of dedicated diet & lifestyle changes I now have 2 healthy embryos! I am affirmed. I hope you are, too.”

went from expecting to use donor eggs to having two healthy embryos:




Get my best fertility secrets without someone hovering over your shoulder. Learn at your own pace and start making effective changes.


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Get my proven fertility framework delivers in self-guided online modules paired with a supportive community full of women navigating the same choppy waters.

Hybrid program

All eyes on you! 1:1 Coaching is the perfect way to accelerate your progress and get the attention and coaching you need to nail down a fully custom plan.

1:1 coaching

Let’s Work Together

“You've come a long way, and yes, there's more to go, but good things take time”

— ka'ala


Percent of my clients get pregnant within a year of working with me


Number of advanced degrees in I hold in Human Ecology & Nutrition


Number of hours I completed training in my dietetic internship


Number of hours most doctors get in nutrition training


Percent improvement in conception success rate with diet & lifestyle prep

1 in 8

Couples have trouble conceiving


“It was the first time in over 2 years of feeling completely out of control, that I felt like there was something I could do to help us conceive.”

"This program is a game changer. “

hired a dream team


Whitney gave me tons of ideas and challenged me to try new things. Trust me, there were some rough moments but she has always been there to support me and gave me the encouragement that I needed.

“6 months later, I have so much more energy, and am happily expecting our first child”


pregnant with PCOS + Hashimotos

The most exciting part is that I'm now 14 weeks pregnant with an unbelievable amount of hope that I credit entirely to some of the things I learned and changed while working with her!”

“I found out that a few key supplements could change the way my body uses and processes hormones." 

pregnant after multiple losses


Real results

Whitney gave me tons of ideas and challenged me to try new things. Trust me, there were some rough moments but she has always been there to support me and gave me the encouragement that I needed.

let's go

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